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Learn How Connected Pens Used by People with Diabetes  Can Be Synced with Glooko. 

For healthcare providers, combined usage of Smart Pens and Glooko is finally granting access to data from all their diabetic insulin treated patients, combining blood glucose data and insulin doses for more in-depth monitoring.

The new smart pens automatically record dosage times and amounts, storing up to three months of such data and enabling them to be transferred into the Glooko platform. Different from conventional insulin pens, which require the user to manually record all the data involved with each insulin dose, the new smart pens not only facilitate the uninterrupted digital recording of insulin dosing data, but also provide the possibility to transfer the recorded data via near-field communication NFC.

With the integration of the reporting and analytics functions of the Glooko® connected care platform, the new smart pens enable patients to capture all their dosing data and help them and their providers quickly recognize data about missed insulin doses. The Glooko integration also makes it possible for patients to view data via graphically-oriented reports that can help them recognize trends so they can take action to improve their treatment plan.


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Glooko® is a Connected Care Platform that allows individuals with diabetes and their healthcare professionals to review, analyze and evaluate data from different devices to support an effective diabetes management program. Glooko connects to compatible diabetes medical devices and trackers to allow users to share their data with the Glooko® system.